Lòt bò dlo n ale, mande kisa nou kap fè lè nou rive
« But the "middle passage" to the Americas was not the last sea voyage for many Carribean peoples of Africa descent ; instead, poverty, terror, and political repression in the Caribbean drove millions to emigrate overseas. This album, almost a concept album in its theme and structure, is awash in images of displacement, travel, and the search for unity and spiritual fulfillment. We begin Jephté's voyage against the backdrop of the crash of waves on the shore ; a bell, a rattle, and a drum - the core instruments of the Vodou battery - support a song that asks the question that troubles all those entering a new life in a strange world ; what will this new life be like and what hardship will it bring ? ». Dr. Gage Averill, Ethnomusicologist, New York University, 1998